My Blog Designer Is Having Server/Host Problems… Again


Hence why I’m going to be blogging on here until, I can at least access my admin site again. I’m surprised these people are still business, truly. All I know is that this is the last straw, I’m not staying with them another minute. Well, as soon as I can access the damn blog again.

When I set this blog up a while ago, I wasn’t sure what I’d be writing on it, but it sure has come in useful.

I could go on and on about lack of customer service, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be losing a few customers after this, seeing as their servers seem to crash more often than not.

Anyway, enough whinging from me, I’m off to watch Dancing on Ice, and hope that Zaraah gets into the final round!

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  1. Posted by azteclady on March 9, 2008 at 8:12 pm

    I like the lilac better, but yeah, it’s ridiculous. *crossing fingers for luck*


  2. If it wasn’t for the inability for WordPress to have comment track-backs, I would have kept this blog. Unfortunately, they don’t allow plugins. They really should methinks.


  3. Hey look, I even have a photo attached, lol! I must have done that when I first got the blog1


  4. Very cool, Karen… at least you have a backup. 🙂 Yeah, that’s the thing about the free WordPress that I don’t like… no plugins! I can’t live without plugins and widgets. 🙂


  5. I found you I found you!! Was avidly reading the NCP thread and then it was gone. I know it’s frustrating to have these problems, and they always happen on the weekend. I pitty the fool who gets to hear what you think of the service. LOL


  6. I’m techo-impaired but I’m also a control freak and like doing my fiddling with my blog when I want, instead of waiting in line so I get by with just the basic wordpress blog.

    They do have some widgets and stuff. I dunno about the comment track backs, but they have an option for ‘pingbacks’ when you write your post.

    But Karen, this dark color is murder. Do you have know to change the theme and stuff?


  7. I cannot stop staring at that picture. Bullseye! LOL


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