And The Main Blog Is Gone Again…

Luna was in the middle of moving everything to another host, but obviously that takes time. I can’t understand why the current host can’t sort this crap out. Flaming incompetent fools.

Anyway, here’s hoping Luna gets the move speeded up.

And here’s hoping that you guys took down this address when I posted it originally when my blog came back up the last time.

8 responses to this post.

  1. As a matter of fact, I did keep this address in my bookmarks. LOL You sounded rather leery of the stability of the other blog so I played it safe. heh heh


  2. Posted by azteclady on March 19, 2008 at 4:55 pm



    These colors, I do not recognize them.


  3. PHEW!! and snort

    I don’t blame you for making me look like a fool at my blog (“Omigod where’s KAREN! THEY got her this time”) I do that nicely (not to mention regularly) on my own.

    But I’m no longer on speaking terms to your other server. No Christmas cards from me to them, is all I have to say.


  4. AL, I keep changing them once they start to piss me off. I can do that on this blog cuz it’s just temporary.


  5. Kate, my blog designer just moved us to another host. She’s busy backing up all the files etc as we speak, so I may be on here for a couple of days, whilst she sorts that out.


  6. Karen, GoDaddy. They’re cheap. They support PHP (so you can use WordPress). And they’re up-times pretty impressive.


  7. Ugh! Some writer. The last “they’re” should be “their”.


  8. I do hear though that GoDaddy, being one of the biggest hosts around, have pretty poor customer support due to the number of clients they have. Personally I’d go for a medium-sized and less “corporate” host that has been around for a while (Hostgator and Lunarpages come to mind) for a more balanced mix of customer support response time and good service.


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