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New Concepts Publishing Behaving Very Badly…


Well, I may be without the proper blog, but I’m still getting the scoop on the happenings at New Concepts Publishing.

Apparently, a common complaint is that their authors never receive their payments on time, which is never a good thing in E-publishing Land.

This email from one of their authors is typical of the complaints that I’ve been getting about them:

“I make good royalties each quarter even though my last release was in _____. So I’m not an author crying sour grapes. But as sad as it is to say, what your blog said about NCP is all too true.

Royalties are always paid late, if at all without much prodding. I still don’t have a 1099. Well, they did mail me a slip of blank paper with a number on it , and since I did the math,that appears to be my gross earning from last year. My last book didn’t even get any edits. I had to bug the crap out of NCP to insert the ones I sent, and I’m still not sure they fixed every problem. It’s impossible to contact them for help or clarification on issues, which makes it frustrating for authors who need to air frustrations.

NCP was down for two weeks in Nov 2007 and for an entire month no one seemed able to get a hold of anyone. No explanations until after they were down. But come on, if a server went down, does it really take weeks to get it back online? And the customers are always complaining on the loops about poor customer service. It’s embarrassing.

I don’t make a big stink about NCP being a bad publisher, because I don’t want to come off as a complainer. But I did write to the Piers Anthony site describing my own problems, and when authors ask me about them, I tell them the truth. Royalties are good, and if you don’t care about being paid on time, you want communication, edits or a clear publishing date, NCP might be for you.

Also, any author trying to get in touch with the publisher via the author loop, not the reader loop, the author loop, gets slammed for even mentioning problems. The other authors who seem to have a book out every other week, or the newbies who don’t know any better, jump on those with problems and make it virtually impossible to get help even from the people you’d think would support you.

I have heard from several authors off the loops that I’m not the only one feeling frustrated. ….Discontent is everywhere but for a handful of authors, but those handful are loud and frankly, bullying. They threaten authors will be “blacklisted” in the publishing community if they complain.

Sorry to be so long-winded. I could go on and on (gee, I have). But this publisher is terrible. And it’s sad because they have good authors, great covers and decent stories. As soon as I can, I’m pulling all my books once contracts end”.

This author isn’t alone in her dissatisfaction with the company. Many of the e-mails that I’ve been getting, read just like hers.

New Concepts seem to be all about treating their authors like shit, which shouldn’t surprise me, but does, somehow.

Anyway, if there are any more NCP authors out there, with a story to tell, I’m your gal. You can e-mail me on hairylemony @ gmail . com.

As always, total confidentiality guaranteed.