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Moral Dilemma Friday: Would You Help Him?


For the people who’ve bothered to pop over, I thought I’d give you a moral dilemma to chew over, so that you don’t have to keep refreshing the page to within an inch of your life, only to find no new posts.

You’re walking along one evening, when you come across a guy who’s obviously been badly beaten on the ground. You rush over to help him, being the fine upstanding citizen that you are. Once you get close to him, you realise that you know who he is.

He is the local paedophile, who served time for raping and molesting several young girls a few years ago. He’s now out of prison, and was determined to get on with his life.

What do you do?

Do you help him out, like the fine upstanding citizen that you are, thinking that he’s served his time, and should be given the chance to move on, or do you leave him bleeding on the ground, because animals like him don’t deserve second chances?

What would you do?