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KKB Blog Update…


Apparently, the server crashes are due to high volume of traffic on the blog. Who knew? Traffic overload was never a consideration on blogger, so it didn’t occur to me that it would be the problem in this case.

So basically, when I get to a certain number of visitors on the main blog, (at the same time presumably) it not only causes my blog to crash, but all the blogs that are operating on the same server.

Anyway, Luna, (bless her cottons, her blog is kaput too) is gonna get me my own server (erm, or something like that) so it shouldn’t happen in the future.

What I still don’t understand is why it takes the host company so long to fix this, surely they could have sorted this out in a matter of minutes? A couple of hours at most?

Anyway, the blog should be back by 5pm GMT. Although, you may want to bookmark this blog, include it in your Google Reader, or get the RSS feed for it, just in case my main blog goes down again, because this is where you’ll find me.

Shiloh, just for you, I got rid of the black and red template. *g*