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The Main Blog Is Back…

Hopefully, this time for longer than two effing hours.

Thanks for your patience. Again.

So What Will You Be Doing For Christmas This Year?


Christmas is at our house again this year, which is just the way I like it. I’ll be doing the cooking, which I really don’t mind, because it gives me a chance to show off my culinary skills. I actually do have them, I just don’t get to use them that often. I’ve just managed to finish the Big Christmas Shop today, and when I go and collect TTG from the airport tomorrow, his job will be to choose the alcohol.

This is my menu this year:


Pork and Apricot Pate (I can never remember how to get the French accent on my keyboard), served with melted applewood-smoked cheese on French toast, accompanied by mixed salad and tangy orange sauce.


Tomato and basil soup served with crusty white cobs

    Main Course

Stuffed roasted chicken, seasoned with lemon pepper, accompanied by creamed button sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower, honey-glazed roasted potatoes, my special cheesy mashed potatoes and swede, sausage wrapped in Applewood smoked bacon, and pork, cranberry and apple stuffing.


Baked nutmeg and cinnamon creamed rice pudding, Christmas pudding and custard (a shout out to TTG’s mum for making the Xmas pudding)freshly made raspberry trifle, or lemon cheesecake.

This year’s Xmas entertainment will include a Nintendo Wii tournament, Pictionary challenge, and a Trivial Pursuits competition.

As always, I’m looking forward to spending time with my family. We are all incredibly close, and I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be on Christmas Day, than spending time with the ones I love the most.

What will you guys be doing?

And It’s Effing Gone Again

Hi Guys, the main blog is down again, I’ve made the decision to move servers. I was going to wait until the New Year, but I seriously do not need this crap, so I’m saying ta-ta to Hostmonster.

Anyway, thanks very much for bearing with us, and hopefully, it will be a smoother transition, than the last time I did this.

The Main Blog Is Back

Hi Peeps, it looks like the main blog is back, unfortunately, many of your last comments weren’t backed up, and so have been lost, but at least the blog is back again.

Thanks for bearing with us!

For Those Who Have This Blog On GoogleReader…

We’re currently experiencing difficulties with the main blog, server problems etc. We’ll be back as soon as it’s sorted.

The Main Blog Is Back…


You’ll be pleased to know that we’re with a new host, thank the lord. Hopefully this one wont cause us as many problems, but if it does, I’ll be back at this blog.

You can now find me at

Thanks muchly to Luna, for moving us so quickly.

And The Main Blog Is Gone Again…

Luna was in the middle of moving everything to another host, but obviously that takes time. I can’t understand why the current host can’t sort this crap out. Flaming incompetent fools.

Anyway, here’s hoping Luna gets the move speeded up.

And here’s hoping that you guys took down this address when I posted it originally when my blog came back up the last time.

I’m Back On My Main Blog…

Just in case anybody missed the news, but if it should go down again, I’d bookmark this blog, as this is where you’ll find me! Or just put it on Google Reader, or any other feed thingies.

My Blog Designer Is Having Server/Host Problems… Again


Hence why I’m going to be blogging on here until, I can at least access my admin site again. I’m surprised these people are still business, truly. All I know is that this is the last straw, I’m not staying with them another minute. Well, as soon as I can access the damn blog again.

When I set this blog up a while ago, I wasn’t sure what I’d be writing on it, but it sure has come in useful.

I could go on and on about lack of customer service, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be losing a few customers after this, seeing as their servers seem to crash more often than not.

Anyway, enough whinging from me, I’m off to watch Dancing on Ice, and hope that Zaraah gets into the final round!

I’ll Be Bringing The Lilac Back…

As soon as I can figure out how the hell to do it. Which may take roughly another ten years, dammit!  If this theme wasn’t so damned dark, I’d keep it cuz me likes it!